Silver Linings

Silver Linings

The Silver Linings app has been designed to facilitate the exchange of important information between service user and clinician. The functionality of the app, which is intended for daily use by the service user, centres around keeping a diary, to stores and safely secure data and keeps an ongoing record of the service user’s mood levels, anxiety, sleep, activity, suspiciousness and medication.

The Silver Linings app also features a reminder function which can be set to prompt service users to take their medication, as prescribed and at the right time. This securely stored data can be accessed by both service users and clinicians to successfully manage patients’ current and future coping strategies. The Silver Linings app also promotes the developmental progress of service users by introducing daily challenges that can aid recovery in different areas of medical need. The Silver Linings app safely stores this data too.

“Silver Linings is about engaging young people using a medium they are familiar with, helping them in their recovery by better understanding psychosis.” Dr Erin Turner, Consultant Psychiatrist from the Early Intervention Service at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust.

Psychosis is a term health professionals use to describe a set of symptoms that can be associated with several disorders. Symptoms of psychosis are often caused by mental disorders but can also be caused by external factors, including drug misuse or physical brain damage.

Some people may experience isolated episodes of psychosis or they may have recurrent episodes throughout their lives. It is generally accepted that recognising symptoms, early intervention and staying well are the best ways to manage mental health issues. As a result, and in partnership with clinicians and service users from the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, the Appadoodle team have developed the Silver Linings mobile app.

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